Workday 2021 Release 2

10:00 A.M. CT | 16:00 BST
1 HR.  

Almost every smart device you own requires an update. And normally, all you have to do to stay up to date is click a button. But with Workday, it’s different.

Every Workday update introduces hundreds of new features for users to take advantage of. Some of these enhancements are updated automatically for you, but many others are not because they require more planning, configuration, and testing. They can still be hugely important, though, for getting the most out of your Workday investment.

The question for your business is how do you determine which features you really need, and how do you set them up as efficiently as possible?

Join our Workday experts Steve Hersh and Dawn Crawford to uncover key 2021R2 features and functionalities and understand what may—or may not— be needed to implement the latest updates.