myFlexPay: The Solution You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Today’s employees are more stressed about their finances than ever before. In fact, PwC’s Employee Financial Wellness Survey 2020 claims that 54% of employees are more worried about their finances than about their health, their relationships, or their careers.

But this doesn’t just impact employees. When workers experience financial anxiety, businesses see impacts to productivity, absenteeism, and turnover. So, what can employers do to both help their employees and address these problems in the workplace?

More and more business leaders are investing in financial wellness benefits like earned wage access, which provides employees with instant access to a percentage of their wages between pay cycles.

Join OneSource Virtual’s CFO John Bax and SVP of HR Jane Huston, along with QED Investors’ Managing Partner Nigel Morris, as they discuss the value of adding earned wage access to your business strategy to enhance talent acquisition, employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

myFlexPay Panel

In this live webinar, you will:

  • Discover how earned wage access can help employees at all levels improve their financial resiliency
  • Hear from executive leaders on why now is the perfect time to adjust your company’s vision to include earned wage access.
  • Learn how earned wage access can help attract and retain new talent for your business

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