Wages On Demand – How Employees and Employers Alike Can Benefit From Earned Wage Access

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Approximately 54% of employees admit they're more concerned about their finances than their career, relationships, or health. In fact, financial wellbeing is the number one cause of stress for Americans, especially in the workplace. And in the current economic climate, that makes sense. So, what are companies doing to address this concern?

Earned wage access represents a welcome shift in how employees receive the money they’ve earned by giving them instant access to their wages and empowering them to strive for financial stability. And when leaders choose to invest in the financial wellbeing of their employees, they’re also investing in their company by increasing engagement and productivity.

Webinar Panel

Join us as we discuss the value of adding earned wage access to your business strategy and introduce myFlexPay, our new earned wage access solution.

During this live webinar, you will:

  • Discover how earned wage access can help employees at all levels improve their financial resiliency
  • See demo showing how employees can track and instantly withdraw their earnings using myFlexPay’s intuitive dashboard
  • Learn why Emerus’ executive leaders chose to make myFlexPay their earned wage access solution

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