Finance. Evolved. The Future of Finance.

The future of finance is promising. But as the landscape changes, leaders will be faced with the choice of embracing these changes quickly or resisting them in favor of the status quo. Knowing what to expect is the only way to prepare for the future of finance—and the better you anticipate how your company should respond, the better prepared you’ll be to re-navigate your company’s financial roadmap.

Join presenters Matt Schwenderman, principal at Deloitte, Craig Anderson, senior vice president of global solutions and finance and accounting at Genpact, and John Bax, chief finance officer at OneSource Virtual, as they discuss eight functional changes to anticipate in the coming years for F&A.

In this thought leadership session, you’ll learn about:

  • Common pain points in F&A
  • Anticipated trends in finance
  • Deloitte’s eight predictions about future financial functions

Key Presenter(s): John Bax CFO, OneSource Virtual, Craig Anderson SVP of Global Solutions and F&A, Genpact, and Matt Schwenderman Principal, Deloitte

Presentation Length: 60 minutes (45 minutes for presentation and 15 minutes for Q&A)