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Analytics. Evolved. Gaining Business Value Beyond the Core with Workday Prism Analytics

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Data analytics is one of the driving forces behind any businesses’ success. In fact, many executives and managers depend on it.

Utilizing Workday as your single-source solution can empower your organization to obtain, like never before, in-depth insights into your workforce, as well as its financial and operational data.

With Workday Prism Analytics, your employees are empowered to go beyond Workday’s core capabilities to make data-driven decisions by observing trends with secured, self-service analytics.

Join presenters David Young of OneSource Virtual and Aaron Klansek from Workday to learn how to maximize your ROI with Workday Prism.

In this webinar, you’ll obtain key takeaways in:

  • Understanding the value of Workday analytics and reporting
  • Discovering the capabilities of Workday Prism analytics (demo included)
  • Learning how data visibility can be strategically leveraged
  • The benefits of strategically improving your business value

Key Presenter(s): David Young, Principal Consultant of Transformation at OneSource Virtual, and Aaron Klansek, Analytics Lead for Medium Enterprise at Workday

Presentation Length: 45 minutes (35 minutes of presentation followed by 10 minutes of Q&A)