White Paper

A New Paradigm for Accounts Payable

While Optical Character Recognition (OCR) has changed how some companies manage their accounts payable process, there’s a better way for companies to fulfill their financial obligations to vendors—with a finance and accounting service provider. That’s the choice that more and more companies today are making, based on four compelling reasons:

  • For most companies, managing a team to run an OCR software solution just isn’t a strategic goal.
  • Company size doesn’t matter when companies clearly understand their finance and accounting goals.
  • Today’s workforce expects to find more creative and challenging jobs waiting for them after college. To be competitive, companies need to offer the careers that workers are looking for.
  • OCR software comes with hidden costs. A service provider, meanwhile, requires fewer obligations and gives companies more opportunities to redeploy their employees in strategic ways.

Download our white paper to learn more about the factors that are driving innovative organizations of all sizes to leave OCR software behind for an experienced F&A service provider.