Case Study

How ABC Financial Uses OneSource Virtual to Gain Results

In 2014, ABC Financial, a leading software and billing provider in the health and fitness industry, needed a new HR and finance solution that could scale with its business needs. After much consideration, ABC Financial chose Workday as their one-stop shop optimized HR and finance solution. With a new cloud-based HR and finance solution in tow, ABC Financial partnered with  OneSource Virtual to deploy their Workday applications. 

With over 800 employees and a tight deadline, learn how ABC Financial utilized Workday and OneSource Virtual to:

  • Gain scalability
  • Save time and money
  • Obtain real-time visibility into their company data
  • Maximize their HR performances with a robust cloud-based HR solution

“What we liked about OneSource Virtual was there seemed to be no silos. On the calls, if somebody in one stream was hitting a roadblock, someone from another stream would chime in to help.” – Kristy Harper, Director of People Operations for ABC Financial