Workday Recruiting With OSV Expertise

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Workday Recruiting with OSV Expertise

“Organisations utilising separate solutions with ‘integration seams’ to administer recruiting spend 18% more administering processes…This can equate to approximately $200 per employee, per year.” - PwC Study

Because Workday Recruiting is part of Workday’s single-source solution, there are no integration seams with Compensation, Talent, Hiring, Onboarding, Organization Structure, Job Profiles and Positions. This increases efficiency and creates true visibility across your talent pipeline.

But removing integration seams is only the beginning.

In this webinar we’ll review talent acquisition professionals’ top requested capabilities for Recruiting. And because businesses come in all shapes and sizes, we’ll also discuss how Recruiting can be used by federal contractors and organizations that have corporate campus recruiting events.

Join OneSource Virtual on June 20 for a 60-minute, complimentary webinar featuring:

  • The benefits of Workday Recruiting
  • A demonstration of Recruiting’s seamless integration points and unique capabilities
  • A conversation with OSV’s principal consultant on Recruiting for federal contractors and corporate campus recruiting
  • OSV’s deployment strategy and Application Management Services for Workday Recruiting

Workday Recruiting, whether used on the computer or on a mobile device, adds value to the existing Workday HCM suite of applications. Please note that this webinar will focus on corporate recruiting capabilities rather than student recruiting.