New Research - 5 Key
Global Payroll Trends

OneSource Virtual, CloudPay, Nelson Hall

New Research - 5 Key Global Payroll Trends


  • Paul BartlettCEO CloudPay
  • Trey CampbellCEO OneSource Virtual
  • Pete TiliakosPrincipal Analyst at Nelson Hall

Growth, productivity and innovation are fueling global business, and the need for multi-country payroll is far outpacing single country services. Organizations face unique challenges in the digital transformation journey, including moving beyond outdated global payroll models of aggregating multiple providers for disparate systems and geographic teams.

Today’s technology and service models are removing barriers to adoption. Whether you are up and running with a global payroll solution or are just beginning to evaluate what the market has to offer, a new study indicates that advances in technology and managed services provides exciting opportunities for organizations to align with partners who deliver expertise and transparency, enabling internal teams to move to strategic work.

During this webinar, Pete Tiliakos of NelsonHall will present the latest global payroll research, and together with Paul Bartlett and Trey Campbell will explore:

  • Unified platforms and solutions that complement HR and IT strategy, and what global payroll and managed services providers should be able to deliver 
  • Current trends in automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and what impact they have now and will have in the future
  • The part analytics plays in the global payroll and managed services landscape
  • How the right blend of platform, solution and support can reduce risk and improve compliance in a highly regulated environment
  • Key considerations prior to building a business case that will result in a better, more accurate project plan