Do Payroll Your Way with OSV & Workday

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Do Payroll Your Way with OSV & Workday

Workday Payroll is an amazing solution that offers users insight and analytics few other systems can compete with. But after Workday Payroll has run, what are your options for payroll, tax or garnishments services?

There are several choices available but not all payroll services are created equal. OneSource Virtual’s in-application, tiered services for Workday Payroll are designed to help companies find the right level of service and to scale as you grow. What you get is lowered risk, greater control and business continuity.

We’re inviting you to take a tour of our tiered service model for Workday Payroll with our senior director of payroll services and our director of tax administration who have a combined industry experience of 50 years.

In this 60-minute webinar:

  • Where can OSV pick up in the Workday Pay Cycle
  • What differentiates an in-application solution
  • What is BPaaS, Business Process as a Service, and what are the benefits?
  • An overview of OSV’s payroll, tax and garnishment services for Workday
    • How customer roles and responsibilities differ by service tier
  • Audience Q&A

Arm yourself with knowledge so you can feel confident in your ability to choose the right plan for you and your organization.

OneSource Virtual is a Workday-exclusive partner and Workday Payroll is a prerequisite to the services mentioned in this webinar.

This complimentary webinar will be recorded and available on our website after the live broadcast.